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This wiki documents the Department of Communication Studies events titled, NETS (Networking-Extending Teaching and Scholarship). Thanks to generous seed grants from UEI (University Enterprises, Inc.) funding NETS I and II. Thanks to Dean Inch (Arts & Letters) for funding NETS III.

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The third gathering of NETS (Networking: Extending Teaching and Scholarship) from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 17, at the Epicure restaurant in the University Union. The topic was media ethics and explored questions such as:Do facts equal truth? Troubling, polarizing trends seem to be shifting our social discourse as bloggers, self-styled commentators and "citizen journalists" with perhaps little or no training add their voices to the fray. Our goal is to figure out what is going on to aid rather than stymie enlightened democratic engagement. The discussion was initiated by three distinguished veteran journalists: Becky Lavally (PT), Molly Dugan(FT) and John Ortiz(Alumnus) Links to videos of panelists presentations.


September 13, 2012, was an opportunity for the ComS community to hear alumni talk about how they apply communication theory professionally; a place for students to see where communication is going and what it is doing; for alumni, students and faculty to share interests, ideas, connections. Our excellent panel of presenters consisted of:
  • Lauren Barton, Senior Business Consultant; topic: Possessing and lacking communication skills in the workplace—it matters!
  • Niko King, Assistant Chief, Sacramento City Fire Department; topic: media relations, social media, and crisis communication
  • Corri Cooper, Wells Fargo; topic: Effective training design and instruction


January 19, 2012, featured four ComS faculty presenting recent research or projects to our audience of other faculty, alumni and students, both graduate and undergraduate. The four presenters were:
  • Diego Bonilla/New Media
  • Carmen Stitt/Health Communication
  • David Zuckerman/Intercultural and International
  • Mark Stoner/Instructional Communication.


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