NETS III Meeting Minutes
Feb 15, 2013

Met at Mark’s house from 11-1.

Suggested agenda:
  • Discuss theme and panel
We started the meeting discussing this prompt: I suggest that we explore the nature of public discourse about important policies facing the country (gun control; taxes and budgets; commitments to labor agreements; continuation of use of drones, Gitmo, etc.) I am not interested in debating any of those specifically--rather look at how the debates play out in the media,particularly cable news. The intent is to feature our journalism folks. We have some significant journalism expertise relative to that area in both our FT faculty, PT faculty and alumni.
We concluded that the focus of the panel would be the following question: In what ways do media mores distort public discourse?
The group suggested the following panel: Becky Lavally (PT), Molly Dugan(FT) and John Ortiz(Alumnus)
  • Assign contact responsibilities
Becky will contact Molly and John to discuss their interest, availability and if appropriate their approach to answering the question.
  • Plan the time allocations for the session
  • Choose a host/MC
Larry Culler is willing to MC the event.
  • Choose date
We have chosen Wednesday April 17, 2013 as a complement to the Alumni groups’ March meeting. April 17 was our primary choice and the availability of the university restaurant also necessitates that date. Mark reserved it for 4:30 to 7:00 PM. Once the room is confirmed, Mark will order food.
  • Location
The university restaurant in the Union: the Epicurean
  • Assign responsibility to reserve location and equipment
The department has some dollars about $500 that we access through Carly.
  • Discuss all means of promotion
Flier, University Bulletin; Facebook (CSUS page); Twitter (Alumni account); ComS Faculty and ComS Grad listservs; ask Holly to announce to Hornet staff
  • Other topics...
ComNETS wiki See
Carmen will bring her camera to video tape the sessions so we can post them to the wiki for those who could not make the event.